Get Rid of Tinnitus and TMJ: Your Body Believes Every Word You Say

For all of you with intractable problems like tinnitus (ringing in your ears) or TMJ (your jaw joint pops and gets stuck) I recommend reading Barbara Levine’s Your Body Believes Every Work You Say: The Language of the Body/Mind Connection.

Ms Levine has done a lot of research with a variety of doctors.

Why We Have TMJ (jaw joint) Disorder: A Darwinian View

Why do people have TMJ disorder? In Why We Get Sick, the New Science of Darwinian Medicine, Authors Randolph Nesse and George Williams explain.

Avoid Tinnitus: Measure Your iPod Volume for Safe Listening

measuring iPod volumeAvoid tinnitus: Measure your iPod volume so the music rings, not your ears.

Here’s Tabitha, measuring the volume in my iPod. Notice the volume is below 80 decibels. That’s where you’re aiming. 85 decibels is the level at which our Occupational Safety and Health Administration starts to regulate. Don’t go there.

You Tubers: Two Things Toward Curing your Tinnitus

Hey, You Tube Viewers of my video!

Here are two things for you to do toward curing your tinnitus.

Tinnitus-Inducing Sound Levels at Hip Hop Class

sound-level-device.jpgExcess noise is the easiest-to-pinpoint cause of tinnitus. A sound-level measurement device will help you figure out if you’re being subjected to too much noise.

Sun is Insufficient for Vitamin D at Latitude 38 in the Wintertime

Getting vitamin D from the sun is the most efficient source, but now that winter is upon us, it’s pretty hard to do.

The Alexander Technique: Think Your Way to Good Posture

baby posture
I’ve just begun my study of the Alexander Technique.

A primary tenet is to think your muscles into good posture, not to move them, as most of us would have thought. For example, instead of pulling your shoulders back, think broaden chest. It’s subtle.

Health Tip
People with tinnitus are found to have lower levels of zinc and B-12. Get yours in a B-Complex plus Zinc and Vitamin C
Health Tip
Hyper-thyroid can cause tinnitus, even before a hormone imbalance is detected. Vitamin D helps your body regulate thyroid. Get it naturally from
Cod Liver Oil

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