Tinnitus and Insomnia, a Parallel Cause for Ringing in the Ears

Deepak Chopra makes an interesting observation in his book Restful Sleep that a person must be at peace with what she is doing with her life in order to have a good night’s sleep.

Self-Satisfaction Required for Curing Tinnitus and Insomnia

Until you’re satisfied with what you’ve done for the day and can look forward to what you’ll do tomorrow, you cannot sleep well. Dr Chopra’s recommendation is that you examine your life and alter it so that you’re on a path that feels right for you.

I think the same thing applies to tinnitus. When you’re at peace with yourself, your brain relaxes (so to speak) and that tension that manifests itself as tinnitus dissipates.

A Successful Day

I am happier when I’ve had a successful day, which for me must include some progress on a path that will take me closer to fulfilling my desires, such as figuring out how to make this website work because I desire a voice that is heard.

(That it’s OK to have desires was a revelation to me. I have Dr. Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success to thank—he gives us permission to desire even the most frivolous things, such as a new car!)

Take out the Trash

It also helps me to do at least one thing I’ve been resisting—maybe it’s finishing a chore around the house that I’ve been putting off, like cleaning under the refrigerator (I desire an orderly household), or maybe it’s doing something that I’ve been a little afraid to do, like braving a new ski slope (I desire athletic grace).

Letting Go of Resistance

Sometimes a successful day can be had just by being the person I want to be and listening to another person’s argument without defending my point of view.

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