Tinnitus Treatment: Don’t Think about It

Upon finishing my last post, in which I confessed that I’ve been doing everything wrong (listening to an iPod, cleaning my ears improperly, and stressing out over the opposite sex), I felt much much better. My head stayed mostly OK for most of the day. However, when I asked myself: Is my head ringing? The answer was usually: A little.

Every organization providing advice for treating tinnitus that I’ve reviewed—a dozen or so—suggests that you distract yourself from the noise in your head. You might do this by keeping some sort of sound happening such as music or white noise. You would not examine yourself, as I’ve been doing. You’re also advised not to worry. This is good advice: Worry leads to stress and stress is a source of tinnitus and tinnitus leads to stress—a vicious circle.

That said, remember that tinnitus is a symptom, and because it’s a symptom you need to find out what’s causing it and address the problem. It could be, for example, high blood pressure, so a consultation with your physician is in order.

The body is a noisy instrument and you will have some sound going on in your head. It’s instructive to tune in on occasion. In his lecture Magical Mind, Magical Body, Deepak Chopra suggests plugging your ears with your forefingers and listening. Your body makes different sounds at different times depending on how it’s feeling and what it’s doing. A good sound might be like ocean waves.

But hour after hour, rather like the occasional headache you forget you have until someone asks you, “How’s your headache?” and you answer, “Still there, Darling. Sorry you asked!” you’re happier when you don’t think about it, that ringing in your ears.

One smashing comment for this post.

  1. Miguel Said:

    How can I cure TMJ naturally? My lower jaw bone has shifted–I was on life support 11 years ago from a car wreck and have suffered from TMJ for years. I get 24-hour headaches almost every other day. The pain goes from my temple to my shoulder. I can actually push my lower jawbone in place and feel pain relief, but it wont stay that way. I need some advice. Does anybody know how to cure this? My specialist won’t see me again for two months.

    Rosalie responds: It’s good to hear that you’ve got regular appointments with a medical professional, but it sounds like you need to find someone in addition whom you can see more often. I myself went to a “rehabilitation specialist” (not for TMJ) once a week for about nine months. Each week, he would straighten me out and tell me which muscles to work on to keep myself in proper alignment. It takes a long time. The specialist I saw has a website with information about TMJ: http://neurokinetictherapy.com/for-clients/tmj Good luck.

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