Tinnitus Cause: TMD (TMJ temporomandibular joint Disorder) Causes Discomfort and Ringing in the Ears

Until I broadened my efforts to become tinnitus-free and began my research into the problem, I did not realize that my popping jaw and ringing ears were connected. This is great news to me because it broadens my treatment options.

Hormonal Association with TMD (TMJ Disorder)

According to the TMJ Association about half the people seeking treatment for jaw-joint problems are women in their child-bearing years, and, in a study on baboons, scientists learned that the females have estrogen receptors in their jaw joints and the males do not. (Now that’s interesting!)

TMD (TMJ Disorder) Treatment Experience

I sought treatment for TMD in my late twenties at the suggestion of a friend, also a female in her child-bearing years with TMD, who had success with a particular doctor. (He is now retired.) This doctor, a dentist but not an orthodontist, moved my front top teeth forward so my lower jaw could drop down and forward. Since this treatment, my jaw no longer gets stuck open and it doesn’t rock and click so badly. (I do have to press on it sometimes to help it close.)

TMD (TMJ Disorder) Causes Discomfort in the Ears

Still, my ears are usually stuffy and I frequently pop them by pulling down with my jaw. Occasionally, and I think this is telling, the ear on the bad jaw side opens and I can hear very very well—too well, actually. This happens when I’m by myself enjoying an outdoor activity: riding my bike, windsurfing, or snowboarding.

Relaxing Physical Activities Alleviate Discomfort in the Ears

This opening happens when I’m engaged in the activity but not stressed by its difficulty, like the flow experience described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I suspect it’s because I’m letting go of tension and relaxing the muscles around the eustachian tube, a bony and cartilaginous tube connecting the middle ear with the nasopharynx and equalizing air pressure on both sides of the tympanic membrane—the auditory tube*. I’ll have to pay attention next time this happens and figure out if my tinnitus comes or goes when my ears open.

Cure TMD (TMJ Disorder) and Cure the Discomfort and Ringing in your Ears

It’s also interesting to note that about half the people with TMD also have tinnitus and, for many, when the TMD is corrected, the tinnitus goes away.**

I’ll be looking for more TMD treatment in hopes that it corrects my stuffy ears and my tinnitus.

* This definition of eustachian tube is taken from Merriam-Webster online dictionary. I’m surprised to learn that it’s “bony and cartilaginous.” (I’ll have to look up “nasopharynx.”)

** I’ve read this several places. One is in the article Successful Treatment of Tinnitus In Patients with TMJ Dysfunction by Ira M. Klemons, DDS, PhD, which you can read at the Arches Natural Products website. The company is named after the national park in Utah!

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