Tinnitus and TMD (TMJ jaw joint disorder) Follow-up

After my last post, about the link between Tinnitus and TMD (jaw joint disorder), I worked on the TMD page under Tinnitus Causes and Treatments and I realized that I wasn’t doing what I’m supposed to be doing, i.e., chewing on the little horseshoe-shaped pad that the dentist gave me lo those 25 years ago when I had my TMD (TMJ) treatment.

Ha, ha! I rummaged around in my bathroom and found a little bag of those rubbery pads, popped one in my mouth, chewed lightly, and Voila! in about 45 seconds my jaw felt great.

I’ve used it two or three times a day over the last several days and I can tell you that my jaw now opens and closes smoothly—it doesn’t sound like old knees cracking and popping at every bend. (It does still hang up a bit while I’m eating.)

I haven’t found a source for my horseshoe-shaped pad, but I did find something similar—the Aqualizer. (The Aqualizer sells for $19.99 and is described as a “pad” rather than a “mouth guard.”)

Here’s an exercise to try, without the pad, that gives a similar effect. Hold your jaw so that your teeth are barely touching. Now tap them together lightly—it’s a micro movement. Now smile while you tap.

Oh, and if you chew gum, give it up.

By the way, my tinnitus seems to be slightly more under control. My ears seem to be less stuffy.

One smashing comment for this post.

  1. Kwek Said:


    I like your site. Good job! You seem to know what is causing your tinnitus, but in my case there were ototoxic meds, noisy MRI, ear infection, stress, perhaps TMJ, and age (51). I Hope I can figure out what caused my tinnitus.


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