Tinnitus Prevention: Control Allergies to Avoid Ringing in the Ears

A close friend of mine has serious problems with allergies. Out of control, his allergies cause blocked sinuses and stuffy ears, a cause of tinnitus.

A trip to the ENT to Check for Ringing in the Ears

His doctor, concerned that this may have affected his hearing, sent him to an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist. The ENT measured my friend’s hearing and said that if he did have tinnitus, he would likely be desensitized to the notes that his tinnitus plays and not respond well on the hearing test to those particular tones.

(Last time I saw an ENT was when my son set off a toy rocket and did it too close to me. I was not a happy mom. It took days for me to recover.)

Control Alergies to Avoid Tinnitus

My friend works closely with his doctor to keep his allergies under control so that he doesn’t get tinnitus or hearing damage. At this point, he’s having success with Allegra.

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