Tinnitus Frustration and my TMD Chew Pad

I awaken to the clock radio just after 6 am and after too many minutes I remember I am to get up and go to my 7 am Pilate’s class. It’s 6:17 am. Ugh! No time to ask myself how I’m doing or even to find my anti-TMD chew pad.

(My anti-TMD chew pad is the rubbery, horseshoe-shaped thingie I chew on that keeps my jaw from disintegrating into TMJ disorder. It helps to set me straight after a night of sleeping on my face and it’s the first thing I do every day now.)

I struggle up to the gym on my bike—I forgot to fix the brakes, which are rubbing and slowing me down. Double Ugh! I berate myself for forgetting—a sure thing to set off my tinnitus—and then I remember something I read in Jane Fonda’s My Life So Far.

Ms. Fonda talks about watching the Atlanta Braves with Ted Turner and observing the behavior of the great players versus the merely good. She writes that the great players, when they make errors, continue as if nothing bad happened, while the merely good, when they strike out for example, pound their bats on the ground in frustration.

Why let frustration get the better of me?

Thinking about those baseball players, I’m able to set aside my anxiety about my “poor performance.” Why berate myself over brakes that rub and slow me down? It’s so inconsequential.

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