Tinnitus-Free Puppet Posture Helps Alleviate Ringing in Ears

You see them everywhere: people hunching their shoulders and dropping their chins forward, as if they want to reach out or to see better.

I do it myself, sometimes when I’m eating, sometimes at the computer; and today I caught myself doing it when I was talking to the guy who dumped me last month.

Hold your head up and let your shoulders drop, as if you’re being dangled on a string attached to the back of your skull between your ears—puppet posture. This aligns and lengthens your cervical spine and optimizes the flow between your brain and body.

Notice how your ears feel.

Now allow your chin to drop forward in a super slouchy posture. (Your normal slouch may not be quite so bad.)

Can you feel the pull on your ears from your neck muscles?

Now return to the “puppet posture.” Your ears should feel relaxed and balanced.

Studies have shown that improving neck and shoulder muscular physiology alleviates tinnitus.

Puppet posture is one little everyday habit with a three-way bonus to reduce the ringing in your ears.

Every time you find yourself slouching, just pick up the back of your head, you’ll feel better and you’ll be taking three steps toward alleviating your tinnitus.

  1. better blood flow for vascular-induced tinnitus
  2. ergonomic jaw positioning for TMJ-induced tinnitus
  3. relaxation and confidence for stressed-induced tinnitus

You’re a winner!

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Copyright 2007 Barbara C. Ross. All rights reserved.

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  1. Stress Busters: Five Little Changes to Enhance your Life and Control your Tinnitus, that Ringing in your Ears : tinnitus-free.com Said:

    […] and stand with puppet posture! Smile. Allow the goodness in you to honor the goodness in […]

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