Stress Busters: Five Little Changes to Enhance your Life and Control your Tinnitus, that Ringing in your Ears

Five simple things to do—whenever you remember—stress busters guaranteed to put you in control of how you feel and putting you miles ahead in eliminating stress-induced tinnitus, that ringing in your ears.

  1. Forget multi tasking. If something is so boring that you have to do something else at the same time, it’s not worth doing. Finish each task before you start the next. It keeps your mind clear.
  2. When you eat, do nothing else. Focus on your food. Eat one bite at a time. It’s a gift to yourself. If you’re at home, clear the table, it will clear your head. Wherever you are, notice how your food looks, smells, and tastes. (You accomplish nothing reading while you eat except robbing yourself of the enjoyment of eating.) If you’re so bored eating that you can’t help opening the newspaper, then you’re not hungry. So put the food away.
  3. Clean up as you go—don’t put it down, put it away—and toss, sell, or give to charity anything unnecessary. Keep entropy at bay and you’ll be able to find those car keys every time.
  4. Notice the beautiful things around you—the tree outside your window, the birds chirping, the way the sunlight falls on the rug. Put a flower or a leaf on your desk and pick it up now and then.
  5. Sit and stand with puppet posture! Smile. Breathe. Allow the goodness in you to honor the goodness in others.

You can do anything for a day. Each day, try a new stress-buster and then keep it up for a week. When it becomes a habit, you’ll feel as if you’re flying. And who knows, that tinnitus, that ringing in your ears, just might disappear.

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