Tinnitus Cure: Cultivate Peace of Mind at Mealtime to Ward off Ringing in Ears and Lose Weight

As I took my first mouthful of oatmeal this morning, I thought, Wow, how yummy! It was the slow-cooked kind, made with milk (not water), and creamy with half-and-half poured on top. It was sweet with bits of walnut and date and prune (no sugar).

Use mealtime to train your brain to relax and release your head from the tension that causes ringing in the ears.

Ah! Just right. My mind relaxed as I gazed into my bowl.

When you eat, do nothing else or you’ll miss your chance to work on your tinnitus cure. (It just might help you lose weight, too!)*

That yummy-ness didn’t last long, because I picked up the newspaper and began reading, first about local politics (ya de ya) then about a local murder (not pleasant).

I looked down in my bowl and the oatmeal was almost gone. Wah!

I’d wasted all that yummy-ness on politics and murder? That wasn’t very smart. Instead of letting my mind enjoy the food, I had occupied it with something irrelevant and unfun—a waste of a great bowl of oatmeal!

Create moments of peace to help you cure your ringing in the ears.

I tossed aside the newspaper and finished my oatmeal in peace—thus I created a moment of relaxation for my mind to set up my day to be tinnitus-free.

* I got this idea (when you eat, do nothing else) from Deepak Chopra and it’s one of the many hints for healthier eating habits to help you lose weight that you’ll find in Perfect Weight.

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