Graves Disease (hyper-thyroid) Improves now Patient must Diet

Dear Reader, I am happy to report that my hyper-thyroid (Graves Disease) is much better.

Weight loss and/or a good appetite are symptoms of Graves Disease.

Unfortunately, I say I’m better because I’ve gained weight, about five pounds in the last two or three months. (If I kept a better diary, I could tell you exactly.)

Lately I’ve been hopelessly hungry only occasionally, something that used to be a daily occurrence, and I no longer think about food constantly.

Nevertheless, poundage has crept up on me and suddenly the fat is there, bulging my belly. My thighs rub, my butt bounces, and I’m popping the seams of my wetsuit. (I won’t even try to pull on my old jeans!)

See food eat food diet must stop!

Because my thyroid is not so hyper and my metabolism is down to a more normal level, my “see food eat food” diet must end. So must my romance with Cheetos, mayonaise, and half-and-half! Oh, woe.

Because I let myself get chubby, I’ll have to on a weight-loss diet. Now, and nip this problem in the bud. Ten pounds, that’s all I ask.

What diet shall I try?

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  1. Byros Said:

    I need help from someone who knows a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

    I’ve been under extreme psychological stress and depression–the instability of my life (which I have little control over) has triggered my depressive tendencies. I have lots of threatening financial stressors, debts, and home stressors. Furthermore, I come from a very ungrounded background where my parents were very very unstable, inconsistent with their nurturing and emotional states, unpredictable, angry and unbalanced mother, emotionally repressed and unavailable father. My mom had a heart attack at 45 and has diabetes, my dad is hypothyroid and pre-diabetes (my parents’ diabetes is mainly due to their extremely poor diet and lack of exercise).

    My disposition, when under stress, has been depression/irritability, high blood pressure (I’m only 22), feelings of loneliness/emptiness, trouble thinking straight, mild digestive issues (gas/loose stools), trouble getting to sleep, apathy, tension in my shoulders/jaws. I have a significantly diminished sense of reality and a dreamlike feeling that is very unsettling.

    I tried smoking weed for a while and ignorantly took too many yang tonics (ginseng, suma, maca, rhodiola, ginger) which drained my yin. To support my yin, I have been taking Rehmannia 6 formula. I’ve added to this formula fresh dried goji and schisandra berries with almonds, as well as small amounts of peppermint, lemon balm, and nettle (in capsule form)—this formula is to tonify my liver yin and kidney (jing/yin) as well and to soothe my digestive system. I am also eating more yin foods, less heavy meats and dairy, and a few more sweeter (healthy) foods that will tonify my spleen.

    I’ve had chiropractic adjustments on my neck, shoulder, pelvis, back, and hips.

    I’m getting psychotherapy and am doing light cardio exercise.

    As a result of these dietary/herbal changes, I have a significant improvement in my levels of irritability and patience, my heart rate is 5-6 bpm’s slower, my sex drive is slowly getting back to what it was when I was in high school, my eyes focus better, my tinnitus has lessened (ringing in the ears is something I’ve had all my life), I have less gas, my physical energy is “cleaner,” and my sleep has deepened–I feel more tired in the evenings and get to bed between 8 and 11pm as opposed to before when I wouldn’t feel tired at night and couldn’t really get to sleep until 5 or 6am.

    So I’ve had good improvements here from just taking these herbs and making other dietary changes, but I haven’t seen an improvement in my mental energy, joy, or sense of reality, and I still don’t know enough about TCM to make the right changes. Any suggestions?

  2. Rosalie Ross Said:

    Dear Byros,

    Thank you for your heartfelt letter–this is far more than a comment!

    I would proffer that your “light cardio” may be responsible for your improved physical condition.

    To improve your mental condition, I suggest group activity. Outdoor recreation with other people you’ll see again and again is an excellent zeal booster. Take lessons, join a team, or find a group outing, even just a docent-led hike in your local nature area. If the weather’s bad, try group exercise at a gym. Take a class at your local adult school. Go again and again.

    And, as always, visit your doctor.

    It sounds like you’re on your way already to a better life.

    Good luck,

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