Alleviate Tinnitus and Hyper-Thyroid: Eliminate Noise and Follow Simple Advice

If I’d just follow my own advice I’d be much better, with both my tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and my hyper-thyroid (Graves Disease).

The good things I’ve done in the last two weeks are:

Eliminate excess noise.

1) I put away that noisy windsurfing board. I don’t know what makes that board I was riding so loud! I’ve spent the last two weeks riding a new-to-me model that’s working out pretty well. It’s a little smaller and a little rounder so it doesn’t slap the water so much.

<h4>It’s amazing how eliminating a daily dose of noise can reduce your tinnitus (ringing in the ears).</h4>

Take a little sun bath. We’re not talking about getting a tan, just a little sun potent enough for your vitamin D.

2) I’ve taken a little time with my lunch hours to sit outside in the sun and expose some skin to vitamin D producing rays.

As we age, we produce less vitamin D in the skin and I wonder if that’s because our skin gets old from sun exposure.

So I bare my nubile thighs at noon and after ten minutes I can feel on them the tingle of the sun rays working their magic. (This lasts five or ten more minutes, until I’m bored.)

The bad things I’ve done, rather things I haven’t done, in the last two weeks are:

Take your vitamins!

1) I haven’t been taking my vitamins. Vitamin D is of particular importance for hyper-thyroid (Grave’s Disease) but I seem to be doing OK and that could be to my increased effort to get sun with potency. (I’ve read that vitamin D producing sun can be had in our latitudes, that is well above the tropic of Cancer, only between 10am and 2pm and not at all in the winter.)

Too much ear-cleaning is NOT a good thing.

2) For some stupid reason, I thought I needed to clean my ears. Maybe it’s because I can feel the wax, or maybe it’s because windsurfing I get dunked in dirty water quite frequently.

My ear-cleaning job left me with too little wax to keep water from getting stuck in my ears.

This starts a vicious circle of my wanting to dry them out with a Q-tip (bad bad bad) which I have resisted since I figured out that I was tamping the wax onto my eardrum and causing a stuffy ear feeling. I solve this problem with a few drops of isopropyl rubbing alcohol, about $2 for a quart at your local drugstore. (No need for expensive ear-drying products.) Sometimes I don’t want the cold feel of the alcohol in my ears, so I warm it first by putting my bottle in a sink of hot water. (I decant some from the quart bottle into a little bottle that’s easy to use.)

Use your chew pad for TMJ disorder or if you feel like grinding your teeth.

3) I haven’t been using my chew pad. (The chew pad helps with my TMD, or TMJ jaw joint disorder.) The other day, however, when I was driving, I felt like grinding my teeth. Ah, the perfect time for the chew pad. I keep one in my ash tray. I popped it in my mouth, and voila! I’m not grinding my teeth, my jaw aligns, and my ears feel more open.

Quit drinking so much to help with hyper-thyroid.

4) I’ve been going to Happy Hour after windsurfing with my friends. It’s quite a deal: You get a drink for $2.75 and unlimited access to an appetizer buffet. Through the restaurant’s picture windows we get to watch any windsurfers still on the water zip around. It’s pretty cool, but I end up, even with just one beer, over-plan on my drinking.

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