Noise from Windsurfing Continues to Cause Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

After a week of lousy wind, we got some, finally, on Sunday. I was so anxious to get on the water and windsurfing that I didn’t want to take time for my earplugs. Not a good choice.

I was on the water and powered for three and a half hours and the next day my ears were ringing. I suffered the effects from that bad decision!

Monday, I didn’t need the earplugs because it wasn’t very windy. (When it’s not very windy, the sound of the wind in your ears is not very loud, of course, and the sounds that the windsurfing board makes, which can be considerable, are not as loud either.)

Tuesday, I did wear the earplugs and it worked quite well. Just half a silicone plug in each ear was sufficient. (Those things must be sized for some big ears!) This is good—it doubles the number of earplugs that come in the kit. (See my last post for earplug cost and my purchasing experience, which includes a link to buy on line, which turns out to be much cheaper than my local drugstore.)

With the earplugs in, I had to concentrate more on visual clues as to what the wind was doing because I didn’t trust that I’d hear the usual aural predictions.

I usually sailing in an urban area where I can hear the sounds of the highway traffic on the freeway and on the bridge. The quality of that sound is a good predictor as to whether the wind is about to change and whether a sailor would be wise to head for port!

When the wind is about to die, the traffic noise sounds rather like a seashell held to the ear, something you can’t hear wearing earplugs!

There is also the train. If you’re more than half a mile upwind and you can hear the train loud and clear, you’d better head for home.

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