Graves Disease (hyper-thyroid) Worsens after Lapse in Vitamin Therapy

My Graves Disease (hyper-thyroid) worsened this month.

I got lazy.

I forgot, or more accurately didn’t bother to take my vitamins, because I figured I didn’t really need them. I also quit taking my little noon-time, vitamin D sunbath.

I also was drinking a little more—about two glasses a day of beer or wine a day on average. I was having too much fun for my own good.

Hyper-thyroid symptoms: hunger and a distracting heart beat.

My first symptom that the hyper-thyroid had worsened was that I was getting phenomenally hungry. When that happens, I tend to eat quickly and then feel sick before I’ve finished my meal. (Not a fun way to diet!)

The next symptom was that I noticed my heart beating. It was a bit too fast, a bit too hard, and a bit too irregular. (Contrary to popular belief, your heart doesn’t beat exactly regularly. A little bobbling is OK.)

Vitamin D cures the Graves Disease symptoms.

These symptoms lasted about two days, then abated over the next week as I started in again with my vitamins. (I still haven’t done the sunbath. It’s been cloudy here at noon.)

But my right eyeball still feels a little extra poppy.

Rosalie’s home remedy for the bulging eye? No alcohol at all.

Now, if I’d just follow my own advice!

Cutting back to one drink a day, which I have for the last 10 days, is insufficient. As much as I like my suds, I’m going to have to quit the beer, at least for a while.

Whatever your doctor tells you to do, try these two things too: Vitamin D and abstinance.

Paying attention to your vitamins for the rest of your life is a good idea, but you don’t necessarily have to maintain abstinence for the rest of your life.

Most people agree that we need vitamins, but not everyone agrees whether alcohol is good or bad.

Run your own experiment.

If your doctor suggests a glass of wine a day and that’s what you’ve been drinking, but you still have symptoms, such as a noticeably irregular heart beat or a bit of shakiness, then try abstinence. You’ll know if it helps after three months.

Then, at your own discretion, go back to your glass-a-day.

Or not. You decide.

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