Sleep Hygiene Tips for Curing Insomnia: Three that Work for Me

I’ve been working this last month on insomnia, reading books on the subject and trying to improve my “sleep hygiene.” Mouse over the image for more information.

My head is happy! I haven’t noticed my tinnitus—ringing in the ears—for a couple of months!

These three sleep hygiene things cured my insomnia.

1) I made my room DARK!

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and spent about $400 buying floor-to-ceiling drapes that block 98% of light.

This totally changes the look of my room, of course, which I resisted doing. I installed the black-out curtains over my cafe-style light-and-airy tab-tops. I had been using a sheet over the windows to help darken the room, but it just wasn’t enough—there is too much ambient city light here at night.

2) I started getting up at the same time everyday.

This takes a bit of discipline, but I think it’s what helps the most. I choose 6 am because two days a week I go to yoga at 7. Sometimes, when I don’t need to get up at 6, I just lie in bed and listen to the radio.

3) I changed my attitude about getting ready for bed.

I began to think of nighttime preparation as a relaxing ritual instead of a dreaded chore.

It used to irritate me to have to brush my teeth and close my curtains. Now I use my evening chores as a cue to relax and get ready to sleep. I set the alarm, get a drink of water, and take off my watch thinking how good it’s about to feel lying in bed instead of how these little chores are keeping from getting there.

Now that’s a useful skill to cultivate–recasting something you’ve thought of as bad into something that’s good!

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