Low-Level Laser Treatment for Ringing in the Ears and TMD (TMJ Disorder)

In commenting on my last post, Alfred Visser suggests that the Alexander Technique for better posture will help. (The Alexander Technique turns out to be more than just posture improvement. I’ll get back to that later.)

Low-Level Laser Treatment may alleviate tinnitus caused by degeneration within the ear.

Dr. Visser recommends low-level laser treatment for tinnitus. He is an audiospecialist from the Netherlands and his website is in Dutch.

If you’d like to read in English about low-level laser treatment for tinnitus, go to this article by Jan Tuner DDS of the Swedish Laser-Medical Society. Following is his abstract.

Tinnitus is a debilitating condition with an increasing incidence, especially among the young generation, due to intensive sound levels at concerts and in headsets. It is, however, not solely a problem of the modern world. The condition is described in papyrus documents dating back 600 BC. Some famous historic persons have suffered from tinnitus, such as Martin Luther, Jean-Jaques Rousseau and Ludwig van Beethoven. It is estimated that roughly one person in ten is affected by tinnitus of some degree. The origin of tinnitus is controversial. It is claimed that tinnitus is located in the inner ear but also that it actually is situated in the brain cortex, as evidenced by PET-scanning. It is reasonable to believe that the condition can have several origins and that one of these then is of interest to the dentist. Low level lasers have been claimed to have a therapeutic effect on tinnitus and vertigo. In these cases the irradiation has been directed towards the cochlea. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is also reported to be useful in the treatment of temporo-mandibular disorders (TMD). Furthermore, some patients are cured from their tinnitus when a proper TMD therapy has been performed. It now also appears that low level lasers can be used to advantage in the treatment of TMD-related tinnitus, and without actually irradiating the inner ear.

Dr. Tuner points out that tinnitus may be sourced both in the ear and in the head. I myself can feel and hear that this is true. This is why I believe that careful evaluation of the individual patient is a must and that multiple treatment approaches are necessary for an effective cure.

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  1. Rosalie Ross Said:

    Dear Reader,

    Somehow Alice’s comment got erased. Sorry. Anyway, following is my response.

    Hi, Alice!

    Thank you for writing and sorry you’re suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD).

    As an Alexander teacher, you know all about good posture and relaxed muscles. (Poor posture pulls the jaw out of its proper alignment. Tense head, neck, and shoulders contribute significantly to TMD.)

    My dentist gave me a chew pad (horse-shoe shaped rubbery plastic). Its purpose is to strengthen the jaw muscles. Just 30 seconds of chewing and I feel remarkably better.

    TMD is correlated with female hormones—you’re more prone to it if you’re in your child-bearing years.

    Take a look at my TMD page. You’ll find a couple of little exercises that help relax the jaw.

    To your health!

  2. Low Level Laser Therapy Said:

    Low laser therapy has many advantages if it is followed in an appropriate manner. The only thing what one needs to have is patience during the entire medical course.

  3. MBK Said:

    I have forwarded this post to many of my friends! Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.

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