Tinnitus Cured but Patient still must Take her Vitamins

My tinnitus returned last week after being gone (yea!) for about two months. Because I had been feeling better, I’d quit taking my vitamins. I am much better, now, after a week of vitamin therapy.

Just 18mcg of B12 and 15mg zinc every day and I’m pretty much OK again!

One smashing comment for this post.

  1. Roy Sencio Said:

    Really? Sounds good… I have had tinnitus for several years now and even made a post about it hoping to find a cure… you can check it here…


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People with tinnitus are found to have lower levels of zinc and B-12. Get yours in a B-Complex plus Zinc and Vitamin C
Health Tip
Hyper-thyroid can cause tinnitus, even before a hormone imbalance is detected. Vitamin D helps your body regulate thyroid. Get it naturally from
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