Tinnitus-Inducing Sound Levels at Hip Hop Class

sound-level-device.jpgExcess noise is the easiest-to-pinpoint cause of tinnitus. A sound-level measurement device will help you figure out if you’re being subjected to too much noise.

I bought this device on eBay for about $20. (You can see from the photo, it’s about 7.5 inches long. It takes a 9v battery.)

I took my device to hip-hop class at the gym. My ears tell me it’s too loud and the device confirmed it. I did my measurements before class, so as not to be disruptive. The device showed an average of 95 decibels with the music alone.

I showed it to the teacher and told her she should keep it down to 85 decibels—85 is the level at which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) starts regulating. See “How Much Noise Is too Much?

She argued that we needed to feel the music. Not at the expense of our ears, I countered. (I think I made her feel bad and for that I am sorry, but our ears have to last for the rest of our lives. She wasn’t very happy.)

She did turn it down a bit, but as soon as she started barking orders, her voice over the microphone became much too loud—over 100 decibels, I’m sure, although I’d put the device away and I didn’t want to be rude and make a show of getting another measurement.

What to do? Next time I went to hip-hop I wore ear plugs.

The music and instructor were still plenty loud enough AND I could feel the music in my chest. Now that for me is a win-win. For the sake of everyone else, I only hope they don’t spend much time listening to music at that level. An hour or two a week should not be too much.

Remember, if you do encounter excess noise from whatever source, give your ears a break so they can recover.

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  1. Tinnitus Treatment Said:

    Tinnitus is not a illness, rather an indicator. It may be due to an array of root causes: foreign physical objects or too much wax inside the ear canal, bacterial infections, and/or nasal allergies that inhibit fluid drain, cause excess fluid, and/or lead to wax build-up.

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