You Tubers: Two Things Toward Curing your Tinnitus

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Here are two things for you to do toward curing your tinnitus.

1) Give your ears a rest. If you broke your arm, you’d let it heal resting in a sling, wouldn’t you? If your ears are ringing, they need to heal, so give them a rest.

a) Put away your iPod for at least three days. (Listen to the birds. They make lovely music.)

b) Get some earplugs. (You should be able to find them at the hardware store or at the drugstore.) Use them if you’re going to be around excess noise, like you have to mow the law or go to a party or a club.

c) Turn away or plug your ears with your fingers if you’re confronted with sudden noises like lockers slamming or people yelling, including your mother. (Mom, please, you’re plenty loud enough!)

2) Living on Doritos and Big Macs? You need some vitamins. Your ears are delicate instruments and they need micro-nutrients.

a) Get a multi-vitamin that includes zinc and B12. (This is easy; most of them do.)

b) Add raw vegetables and fruit to your diet. Trail mix and apples are a start. Vegetables are best. (Vitamin pills do not contain all your necessary micro-nutrients.)

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  1. David Said:

    Hello. My name is David and I got tinnitus but I still go to school and it’s really loud there. I don’t dare use earplugs in school. If this really works I’m going to do it on my summer vacation!

  2. David Said:

    Some more on my last comment: I don’t eat at McDonald’s much because we don’t have McDonald’s in my city. I come from Sweden.

  3. Rosalie Ross Said:

    Dear David,

    School can be very stressful. There is push to excel from every angle, to get good marks so you can go to university, to be athletic, to fit in socially and be popular. It’s not an easy time and maybe that’s why your tinnitus is so bad at school. Every time you notice your ears ringing, ask yourself what’s really bothering you. Maybe someone just laughed at you–this says more about her than it says about you, so just think “not my problem” and let it go. Or maybe you didn’t do so well on a test–ask yourself “what can I do next time?” and let it go. Or maybe you suck in physical education class, remember there’s always someone bigger, smarter, better looking, and richer–it doesn’t matter who you are, there’s always someone better. Just do your personal best. Be kind to yourself and people will like you.

  4. Christina Said:

    I was listening to music (Stone Temple Pilots) in my earphones, and when I took them out, my ear hurt first and then it started to ring. I listen to ambiance music, and it stops for a second.

  5. Nick Said:

    Dear David & Christina,
    I am a researcher in this field. Firstly, tinnitus can disappear WHATEVER THE CAUSE.
    Secondly, multiple studies suggest that a
    universal model cure is just around the corner. Hang on.

  6. mike Said:

    I have really bad tinnitus that has not stopped since December when I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. It just seems to be getting worse as my ears feel really blocked up all of the time, although they are not according to every doctor I have seen. I also have TMJ and currently a cold as well. Are there any cures for the tinnitus or will this just pass over time?

  7. Rosalie Ross Said:

    Hi Mike!

    I realized that I could do something about my tinnitus a few years ago when I was reading the newspaper. (My tinnitus would come and go and was worse at night when I went to bed.) That morning when I figured it out, I was feeling fine until I read something I didn’t like, I think it was about land mines maiming children, and suddenly my ears started ringing. This happened several times and I then realized that stress/anxiety was playing a huge role in my problem. TMJ can also be caused by anxiety. You can do a site search on anxiety and you might find something that will help.
    Good luck! Rosalie

  8. Dalton Napala Said:

    Hello! Can you help me with my tinnitus? I can’t really sleep at night. I researched tinnitus cures, but I’m 14 and can’t buy anything. I really need help. I’m afraid it will get worse and sometimes I have thought about killing myself, but I’ll never give up until I find something to stop my tinnitus. I found white noise can help me sleep at night so I’m going to try white noise.


  9. Dalton Napala Said:

    If I avoid all of the loud noise, will that cure the ringing in my ears? or is it something else? I heard on a youtube video that there is a fruit that can cure tinnitus. Please answer my question thank you!


  10. Tinnitus Cure Treatment Said:

    The secret to choosing an effective treatment for tinnitus lies in establishing the correct diagnosis for your condition.

  11. Rosalie Ross Said:

    Dear Dalton,
    It’s always a good idea to visit your doctor to make sure there is not some underlying problem causing your tinnitus. Prolonged excess noise can cause tinnitus, that’s why I said to give your ears a break.
    Staying up too late can trigger tinnitus and make it hard to go to sleep. I’m guessing from the amount of editing required to make your comments readable, that you need to get some shut-eye!
    Sweet Dreams,

  12. Rosalie Ross Said:

    Another note on the ear plugs.

    Use them when you have to mow the lawn or use power tools. Of course, like David says above, you don’t dare use them when you’re at school. That is, unless it’s shop class!

  13. D Said:

    I got tinnitus recently while I was sleeping, around 3 am. My right ear just suddenly started ringing. I could hear it inside my head or in both ears–I just don’t know anymore. It is really annoying and hard for me to focus in class while prof is teaching. I am wondering if it will ever disappear? What should I do?

    Rosalie responds: It’s always a good idea to visit your doctor. Tinnitus is sometimes caused by problems you don’t realize you have, such as high blood pressure, “the silent killer.”

    Because you’re a student, I am thinking you might be staying up too late working–working too late is one cause of my tinnitus. Another problem you may have is a persistent anxiety. Students are always worried about getting their assignments in and passing their exams–anxiety is another cause of my tinnitus. Recommended to my brother by his doctor for his tinnitus is to make sure you’re hydrated, so drink enough water. Tinnitus can and does go away–mine stays away 90% of the time, now. Good luck in your quest. Visit your doctor.

  14. D Said:

    And I forgot to mention that the sound I hear is kind of a high pitch frequency sound, sometimes even a little noise sound pitching in my ear especially my right ear.

    Rosalie responds: I’m not sure that the exact sound makes any difference. People report all kinds of different noises. A high pitch frequency is very common as is static very common.

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