Get Rid of Tinnitus and TMJ: Your Body Believes Every Word You Say

For all of you with intractable problems like tinnitus (ringing in your ears) or TMJ (your jaw joint pops and gets stuck) I recommend reading Barbara Levine’s Your Body Believes Every Work You Say: The Language of the Body/Mind Connection.

Ms Levine has done a lot of research with a variety of doctors.

. . . Bob [Bob’s jaw locked up] told me that he frequently had the thought, “I gotta stop talking.” To those people suffering from TMJ—temporomandibular joint dysfunction of the jaw—have you ever berated yourself for talking or eating too much? Have you ever wished you had “kept you big mouth shut?”

The body does not distinguish between our figurative and our literal language; instead it seems to mirror that which we think or speak. page 81

Tinnitus sufferers: Do you wish someone would shut up because you don’t want to hear them? You don’t want to do what they’re telling you to do?

I’ve never made that connection for myself, but I can imagine I would if, say, my mother or my boss were yelling at me all the time!

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  1. wyatt Said:

    Thank you for compiling this information. I like your site. Ignore the jerks commenting on youtube; they insult and ridicule EVERYONE.

  2. Rosalie Ross Said:

    Thank you, Wyatt! I was just thinking about this book, “Your Body Believes Everything You Say.” I need to read it again!

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