Cure Tinnitus: Address Your Issues and Stop that Ringing in Your Ears

Addressing these issues

  • cured my tinnitus*
  • promotes well-being
  • takes the least-invasive path, which helps eliminate unintended side-effects
  • costs little.

Begin now! The longer you wait, the more entrenched becomes the neurological path that supports your tinnitus.

Cure Tinnitus: Addressing Your Issues

1) Address excess noise with greater awareness and preventions. This seems like a no-brainer, but we’re exposed to too much noise—anything over 80 decibels—on a regular basis. Excess noise is the primary cause for ringing in the ears for a quarter of people with tinnitus. It’s easy to make mistakes. (I still do on occasion.)

2) Improve ear hygiene. Another no-brainer? No. It’s not silly either—bad ear hygiene turned out to be a significant issue for me. Who would have thought a little earwax packed into your ear canal would cause tinnitus?

3) Improve vascular function. I suspect vascular “suboptimalities” make a significant contribution to tinnitus. Monitor and adjust your caffeine, alcohol, and drug use, consulting your doctor, of course. (Caffeine, a vaso-constrictor, was a serious problem for me.) Learn good posture—it allows better blood and neuron flow—and breathe. (My ears ring when I slump, hardly breathing, with neck craned and chin forward.) Work with your doctor on high blood pressure and cholesterol and any other medical problems you may have. (I’m working on hyper-thyroid.) Diet, supplements, and exercise are your primary weapons.

4) Achieve good ear ergonomics. Your ears are under pressure from tightness in the muscles controlling your jaw and from stuffy sinuses. Solving TMD (TMJ Disorder) often ends tinnitus. (I have a TMD condition that requires daily attention.) Posture is very important here, too, because tense shoulder, head, and neck muscles pull on your eustachian tubes and interfere with the pressure your ears.

5) Lastly, train your brain. Replace your negative thinking and emotional patterns with enjoyment of your environment. Learn to relax inside your head and “feel” your neurons. (I tend to be hyper-vigilant and negative thoughts, out of control, cause me acute distress. I’ve trained myself to turn off—disconnect—that ringing noise.)

Work on Each Issue and Become Tinnitus-Free

Develop a plan for yourself. Discover the causes of your tinnitus and do the work to execute, step-by-step, your own individually tailored Tinnitus Cure process.

* Results, of course, will vary. Results depend on the effort a patient puts into the process as well as her underlying conditions. Visit your doctor regularly! Remember that tinnitus is a symptom. Information on these pages is not intended as medical advice.

Health Tip
People with tinnitus are found to have lower levels of zinc and B-12. Get yours in a B-Complex plus Zinc and Vitamin C
Health Tip
Hyper-thyroid can cause tinnitus, even before a hormone imbalance is detected. Vitamin D helps your body regulate thyroid. Get it naturally from
Cod Liver Oil

Information in these pages is not a substitute for visiting your doctor
and is not intended as medical advice.

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