How much Noise is too Much

Everyone knows that too much noise causes ear damage. It’s the primary cause of tinnitus in a quarter of people affected.*

Over-exposure may trigger a temporary tinnitus immediately or a more permanent tinnitus may come on, perhaps some time later, especially with repeated abuse.

Your ears will heal themselves after temporary over-exposure, but just as with any other part of your body, you can’t expect healing without rest. Prevention is the best medicine, of course, but if you do happen to abuse your ears, your tinnitus treatment is to keep it quiet and rest them for several days after—I know from experience (unfortunately) that it can take more than one day to recover.

So give your ears a break and keep your exposure levels well below the thresholds our government allows at workplaces.

How Much Noise Is Too Much?

Hearing damage occurs above the levels and durations in this table, and for some, it may well occur below these levels.

20 no maximum quiet leaves rustling
60 no maximum comfortable conversation
my iPod at home
70 no maximum annoying my iPod out and about
80 no maximum loud my vacuum
85 ear protection required** loud gondola round-about at my favorite ski resort
90 8 hours loud my coffee grinder
my weed whacker
95 4 hours loud brass band instruments
105 1 hour very loud power mower
120 0 hours pain threshold live rock music

**OSHA requires ear protection when an employee’s exposure averages 85 decibels over an eight hour period (source:

You can see from the chart that you dassen’t (my grandmother’s favorite word) attend a rock concert or go to a club without ear protection.

There is a huge variety of ear protection available, including special ear plugs for musicians designed to keep the integrity of the music and special ear muffs for hunters and construction workers that block out only the loud noises while allowing the quiet noises to be heard. (Amazing!) There are also special noise-cancelling headphones for listening to music.

Visit the earplug store. This website is very well laid out and has by far the largest variety of all those I’ve reviewed.

When it comes to noise, the best tinnitus treatment is tinnitus prevention.

* Source: diagnose-me website.

Health Tip
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