TMD (TMJ Jaw Joint Disorder)

About half the people who have jaw joint problems TMD (TMJ temporomandibular joint disorder) also have tinnitus and, for many, when the TMD is corrected, the tinnitus goes away.*

Jaw Ergonomics Affects Ears

  • Stick your pointer fingers in your ears.
  • Slowly move your jaw back and forth.

You’ll be surprised at the action!

If you have TMD, eating may be a chore and your jaw may make popping noises that are no secret to your dinner companions. Maybe you don’t like to yawn because your mouth will get stuck open, and to close it, you have to press on your jaw at the joint.

Causes of TMD include

  • stress
  • ill-fitting bite
  • injury to the jaw area
  • genetics (my mother has it and so do I)
  • arthritis and auto-immune diseases
The majority of people seeking treatment for TMD are women in their childbearing years. In a study of baboons, the females were found to have estrogen receptors in their jaw joints and the males were not.**

Problems associated with TMD include

  • stuffy ears
  • tinnitus
  • dizziness
  • decreased hearing
  • headaches

Treatments for TMD include

  • exercises that help you relax and your muscles realign the jaw joint
  • cranial adjustments
  • bite correction
  • diet for strengthening connective tissues
  • surgery

Tense muscles pull your jaw out of alignment and cause TMD (TMJ disorder) and tinnitus.

If tension is the underlying cause of your TMD, first try specific exercises.

Feel-Good Teeth Tap

  • Hold your jaw so that your teeth are barely touching.
  • Tap your teeth together very lightly.
  • Smile and tap at the same time.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Your boss yelling? Your kid talking back?
Smile. Tap. Smile. Tap. Smile.

Consider cranial adjustments by a specially trained dentist or chiropractor—if you’ve been pulling your jaw out of joint (so to speak) with tense muscles, you’ll need help getting realigned.

You may also benefit from taking classes in a body art such as yoga. There you’ll be trained in better posture and learn to hold your shoulders in a way that reduces tension.

A bad bite causes tinnitus.

I myself had my teeth moved by a dentist—he moved my front teeth out so that my jaw could drop down and forward. I am substantially better but I am not cured. To stay reasonable well, I do jaw exercises that consist of chewing on a horseshoe-shaped pad for about two minutes a day. In my case, the downside of my treatment is that the dentist made my front teeth “longer” by making them come out of my gums more, so that now some of the root area is exposed.

TMD (TMJ disorder) may be caused by a connective tissue problem.

Sandy Simmons, who writes on connective tissue disorders, thinks TMD can be treated with diet and exercise.

Simple Solutions

Try simple solutions and non-invasive procedures first. Even if you can’t avoid a long course with the dentist or having your jaw surgically repaired, you may still need to make lifestyle changes so that the TMD doesn’t recur.

Taking control of TMJ by Robert Uppgaard is a book that may be a helpful. (I haven’t gotten a chance to read it.)

* I have found this statistic several places. One is in the article Successful Treatment of Tinnitus In Patients with TMJ Dysfunction by Ira M. Klemons, DDS, PhD, which you can read at the Arches Natural Products website.

**Source: TMJ Association.

Some of the ideas on this page came from Dr. Halmaghi’s website.

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