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Rosalie's photoFor many of us, I believe, it’s possible to free ourselves completely of tinnitus, that ringing in our ears. For me, and perhaps for you as well, learning to live with it is unacceptable.

On this website you’ll find my five-step process aimed at alleviating your tinnitus. The process requires attention and awareness, but little actual effort or financial commitment.

My philosophy is that

  • the simplest and least invasive treatments are, in the long run, the most effective and the least likely to have unintended consequences
  • a patient needs to analyze her needs and treatment options and advocate for herself
  • the less a patient relies on drugs and medical procedures, the more likely she is to find health.

Tinnitus, ringing in the ears, is a symptom. Please visit your doctor. A doctor can help you figure out what is wrong and together you can map a treatment plan. Use the five-step process as a guide.

A doctor cannot provide a permanent fix for something that you’re doing to yourself. Relieve yourself of the bad habits that encourage your tinnitus to recur. Use the five-step process as a guide.

My Story: I had tinnitus—ringing in the ears—for as long as I can remember. It changed constantly, coming and going with sirens, clicks, and roars. Sometimes it would be more like a headache and I would lie in bed wishing I could sleep while my head was screaming.

About year ago, it occurred to me that I could do something about it.

I was listening to a radio show about a musician who suffers from tinnitus. He had been commissioned to compose a major work and he was, naturally, anxious that he would do well. His tinnitus began at that point in his life. That doesn’t seem like a coincidence! I realized then that a major impetus for tinnitus was stress, and that being so, I could correct it.

I worked on anxiety, stress, and other health problems (primarily vascular and muscular) that relate to tinnitus. I researched tinnitus causes and tinnitus treatments and experimented to see what works for me.

I’m now able to stop that “ringing in the ears” when tinnitus does recur, which, as I work on my five steps, happens less and less.

Learning to live with it is not good enough.

To your health!

Rosalie Ross

February 5, 2007

Disclaimer: I am a not-very-patient patient. I am not a medical professional. I relay my experiences and the experiences of people I meet. I read and condense medical articles for my benefit and for any benefit a reader may garner. I do not give medical advice. I do not claim that any herbs or drugs I review actually work. I recommend regular visits to your doctor. Each person is different—just as our outward appearances are different so are our physiologies—what works for one person may not work for another.
Health Tip
People with tinnitus are found to have lower levels of zinc and B-12. Get yours in a B-Complex plus Zinc and Vitamin C
Health Tip
Hyper-thyroid can cause tinnitus, even before a hormone imbalance is detected. Vitamin D helps your body regulate thyroid. Get it naturally from
Cod Liver Oil

Information in these pages is not a substitute for visiting your doctor
and is not intended as medical advice.

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