Your Tinnitus-Free Journal: Twenty-Six Factor Checklist

The first step in releasing your tinnitus: Start keeping a journal.

Writing things down helps you remember and acknowledge what’s going on.

You can use any notebook—A notebook is especially good for keeping a chronicle of stressful life situations and helping you connect those stresses to your tinnitus. If this seems like too much or you’re afraid someone will read the notebook and hold it against you, just use scraps of paper.

Ask yourself these questions.

1) When do I have my tinnitus?

2) What does it sound like?

3) Does it sound different at different times?

4) What was I thinking when I noticed my ears ringing? How do I feel about that thought? Am I anxious? sad?

5) Am I worried about what other people think?

6) Do I not want to hear what people say? (Your mother may be yelling at you, trying to smarten you up: Clean your room, do your homework, quit hanging out with those bums you call friends. Your boss may be threatening to fire you. People may be gossiping about you. You’re trying to shut them out—your mother, your boss, those people—and you’re doing it by producing that ringing in your ears.)

7) If something makes me mad, is that when my head starts to ring?

8) Am I always worried about doing enough?

9) Am I trying to be perfect?

10) Am I in a hurry?

11) Am I sleeping well? Is it hard to fall asleep or do I wake up in the wee hours and toss and turn?

12) What am I listening to with my earbuds? How loud is it?

13) Do I use a headset at work? Is it turned up loud so I can get what people are saying to me?

14) What outside noises am I subject to? Rapid transit? Lawn Mowers?

15) Do I frequent clubs and go to concerts? Hip Hop classes in which the teacher plays loud music?

16) Do I take drugs of any sort? What are they and how much am I using? (Vaso-constrictors can cause tinnitus. Your doctor should know if the drugs you’re taking might be a problem. Ask her.)

17) Do I have sinus infections? Ear infections? Allergies?

18) Are my ears so full of water after my shower that I feel compelled to dry them with a Q-tip? Do I never clean them? (Tinnitus can be caused by too much wax or by wax compressed against your ear drum.)

19) Does the tinnitus start when I lie down? Is it the being horizontal or is it because there are no distracting noises? (You can experiment by sitting up for a few minutes and then lying down again.)

20) How is my posture? My breathing? Do I slump and hold my breath? (While bad posture is not implicated in causing tinnitus, good posture will help your body heal by promoting circulation.)

21) Is my jaw clicking and getting stuck? When does that happen?

22) Am I grinding my teeth? Clenching my jaw?

23) What am I eating? (Your ears aren’t made out of Cheetos!)

24) Do I take vitamins? Regularly? Do they contain B12 and zinc?

25) What am I drinking? A lot of caffeinated beverages? How much? A lot of alcohol? How much?

26) Am I getting enough water? Am I dehydrated? (Even a little dehydration can cause the hearing center in your brain to go haywire with the sensation that your ears are ringing. Remember, the brain is 80% water!)

Visit your doctor. Take your journal and talk to her about your tinnitus risk factors. Your journal will help you remember things you need to tell her. Make sure she tests your cholesterol and takes your blood pressure—two additional risk factors for tinnitus. Your doctor can help you figure out how to reduce your risk factors and let that ringing in your ears be a thing of the past.

To download this page as a PDF, click this link: Tinnitus-Free-Checklist. I can’t seem to make this link work. Will keep trying. ~ Rosalie

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